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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Call (650) 853-6798 to schedule an appointment.


    Side view of Care-A-Van mobile clinicDo you want the Care-A-Van to provide care to your employees? Complete our Contact Us form.


    To schedule an appointment with the Care-A-Van team, contact your benefit coordinator for information on online scheduling or call us at (650) 853-6798. Please let the receptionist know what company you work for and that you are scheduling an appointment to see a doctor in the Care-A-Van mobile clinic. Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment.

    What is PAMF's Care-A-Van?

    PAMF's Care-A-Van is a mobile medical unit that brings first-class health care services to you at your workplace.

    What types of health care services does Care-A-Van offer?

    Our Care-A-Van has two exam rooms and an expert care team on board who offer physical exams, lab services, pap smears, vaccinations, test result counseling, and care for basic health concerns such as colds, pain, headache, rash, insomnia, stress and more.

    Can I use PAMF's Care-A-Van services?

    Contact your human resources benefits team to find out whether you can use PAMF’s mobile medical services.

    Can my family receive care in the Care-A-Van?

    Check with your human resources benefits team to learn whether your adult dependents can see a doctor in our Care-A-Van. We are unable to care for pediatric patients at this time.

    Is the care I receive in the Care-A-Van recorded in my electronic health record?

    Yes, our Care-A-Van doctors and nurses have access to your electronic health record. All treatments, immunizations and lab tests you receive in the Care-A-Van will be documented in your electronic health record.

    If you have signed up for My Health Online, you can view your electronic health record and manage your health online. Not enrolled yet? Sign up today.

    Will I have to change my primary care doctor?

    No, you don’t need to change your PAMF primary care doctor. We will let your doctor know about any care you receive through our Care-A-Van team. You can also get overdue lab tests and vaccines recommended by your primary care doctor on board our mobile clinic.

    What does it cost to use the Care-A-Van services?

    A Care-A-Van medical visit costs the same as a regular PAMF office visit and will be billed to your insurance in the same way. Your share of the cost depends on your health insurance.

    How long is a Care-A-Van appointment?

    Our Care-A-Van appointments are about the same length as a usual visit to your primary care doctor: 20 minutes for a basic health issue or 40 minutes for an annual physical.

    Can I access the Care-A-Van in a wheelchair?

    Yes, the Care-A-Van is wheelchair accessible.

    Will my employer be notified if I use the Care-A-Van services?

    No, all health care visits in the Care-A-Van are completely private and confidential.

    What if I need a prescription?

    Care-A-Van doctors can order prescriptions that you can pick up at your usual pharmacy.

    Can I use the Care-A-Van for lab tests?

    Care-A-Van can do lab work for patients whose PAMF doctor has requested the lab. Currently, we don’t accept lab requests from doctors outside PAMF. For further questions regarding labs, please stop by the Care-A-Van at your workplace. To obtain a lab test, schedule an appointment for the Care-A-Van or any other PAMF clinic.

    Who can I contact for billing questions?

    If you have questions about Care-A-Van charges, bills or statements call (877) 252-1777 Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. PST.