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    Mobile Clinic


    Call (650) 853-6798 to schedule an appointment.


    Side view of Care-A-Van mobile clinicDo you want the Care-A-Van to provide care to your employees? Complete our Contact Us form.

    Quality Health Care at Your Office

    Available through our Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) to employers in Silicon Valley and nearby areas, the PAMF Care-A-Van brings primary care, annual physicals, lab tests and wellness services to your door. The PAMF Care-A-Van saves time and makes access to care more convenient.

    PAMF's Care-A-Van Mobile Clinic
    Tour the Care-A-Van with Dr. Ron Sinha
    Medical Director, Sutter Employer Program

    Our Care-A-Van medical team can also work with your company’s on-site trainers and nutritionists to develop a comprehensive plan to optimize your employees’ health. We can also partner with you on wellness programs and biometric screening events.


    Making Your Appointment

    To schedule an appointment with the Care-A-Van team, contact your benefit coordinator for information on online scheduling or call us at (650) 853-6798. Please let the receptionist know what company you work for and that you are scheduling an appointment to see a doctor in the Care-A-Van mobile clinic. Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to register.

    "Through the Care-A-Van, we are seeing many people who have never had primary care in the past...This clearly shows that convenience rather than a lack of interest has been the primary barrier to connecting with a physician."

    Ronesh Sinha, M.D.
    Medical Director, Sutter Employer Program