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    Executive Health Services - FAQs


    Call (650) 853-2979 to schedule your appointment. For services in other areas, contact us to find out what we can do for your company.

    How can our company arrange an account?

    Our executive health coordinators would be happy to forward additional information and arrange an account for you. Services can be tailored according to your company's needs. If you are interested in our services, please contact our office at (650) 853-2979.

    Do you offer full body scans?

    Though PAMF has the equipment and ability to provide full-body scans, this service is not currently available to patients who are healthy and symptom free. Full body scans for healthy patients are not supported by the American Cancer Society, Food and Drug Administration or American College of Radiology.

    Which regional areas do you serve?

    We serve corporate executives from throughout the U.S. and around the world. As the oldest executive health program in the U.S., started in 1956, the PAMF Executive Health Program has earned an international reputation for excellence. It's common for a client to fly in for an appointment at one of our clinics.

    For Northern California clients located away from Silicon Valley or the East Bay, we may be able to arrange executive health services at another Sutter Health location. For information about other locations, please call (916) 566-4731.

    How do your services differ from those offered by other local providers?

    Our program is distinguished by its focus on efficient, coordinated care of the highest possible quality. As a distinct Palo Alto Medical Foundation department, the program offers executives convenient access to all necessary medical services; streamlined, personalized care; and exceptional comfort and privacy. As part of the larger foundation, our program provides the highest quality care; easy access to multiple medical specialties; and the ability to offer specialized testing, as well as any necessary follow-up care, on site. All doctors who serve the Executive Health Program are board certified. PAMF also uses an electronic medical record that can be accessed throughout Sutter Health, and offers a secure Internet site, My Health Online, through which executives can view their medical records and email their doctors.

    What is the return on investment from this program?

    The return on investment for the individual executive includes possible early detection of a life-threatening illness, as well as enhanced daily health and well-being.

    For the employer, the return on investment is twofold. First, enhanced health has a proven ability to increase concentration and productivity, helping the executive maximize his or her value to the organization. Second, executives who learn to recognize the value of their own health help to promote wellness throughout the organization.

    What support services are available?

    Our dedicated executive health program coordinator provides personal concierge services for our executive health clients prior to, during and after the appointment. Clients are welcome to contact our coordinator for assistance in scheduling any exams or procedures that may be recommended following the exam. Requests for concierge services are kept confidential between the executive, coordinator and any associated medical/scheduling staff.

    What if the executive needs additional tests or services?

    For the convenience of our clients, our executive health coordinators are also available to schedule appointments for additional tests and services. PAMF has over 38 medical specialties available at our Palo Alto location and executives and their families are welcome to continue their primary or specialty medical care with us. If the executive is not a PAMF patient—and has an HMO plan - his or her insurance carrier must be contacted to ensure coverage for any follow-up care.