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    Employee Wellness Platform


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    The Sutter Health Wellness Platform is a cloud-based technology that supports wellness and population health management. The portal allows access through computers, tablets and smartphones, and enables connections to third-party tools such as Fitbits. To reach all audiences, we offer the portal in 103 languages. Our dynamic tool includes:

    Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

    Our confidential web-based health risk assessment, helps to identify modifiable risk factors. Employees and their dependents (if employer elects to include them) who complete the online survey have access to electronic and printable health risk reports showing areas for improvement and offering recommended actions. The assessment uses evidenced-based guidelines and models from organizations such as the National Institutes of Health and U. S. Preventive Services Task Force.

    Platform-Supported Biometric Screenings

    Health risk assessment accuracy improves greatly when employees undergo our on-site biometric screenings. Screenings include fasting or nonfasting lipid (cholesterol) profiles, blood glucose (blood sugar), blood pressure, height and weight, body mass index and body composition. Participating employees receive a personal consultation with a clinical staff member, which includes recommended actions to address existing or potential health concerns. Results feed directly into our wellness portal, allowing each employee to access results through a private dashboard.

    "Effective workplace programs and policies can reduce health risks and improve the quality of life for US workers. A healthier workforce can mean lower direct costs, such as insurance premiums and workers' compensation claims."

    Center for Disease Control (CDC)
    Workplace Health Promotion
    Using the Workplace to Improve the Nation's Health

    Personal Health Report

    In addition to current personal health reports, participating employees have access to an online personal wellness page. From the page, employees can see behavior-change self-management tools, register for events, sign up to participate in employer incentive programs, and get assistance with finding a doctor.

    Aggregated Group Health Report

    With the Sutter Health Wellness Platform, you gain insight into the health and well-being of your employees through our aggregated workforce reports. This report identifies the specific health risks present in your workforce. The Group Health Report can provide direction for your wellness program and help you plan the year ahead with your Sutter Health account executive.

    Self-Management Tools

    Our wellness portal provides a suite of personalized action plans that promote behavior changes and healthy lifestyle choices. The tools help your employees set realistic goals toward better health, overcome barriers and track progress.

    Health Coaching Module

    A health coaching module by Sutter Health experts is fully integrated into the wellness portal, which provides easy-to-use scheduling, secure messaging and goal setting. Coaching is provided by Sutter Health experts who provide a personalized approach and partner with participants to meet their health goals.

    Incentive Management

    Our incentive management system for wellness and population health programs provides employees with real-time feedback. The system supports incentive programs based on participation, results and qualifying activities. Targets and points can be accumulated in tier- and time-based options.

    On-Site Education

    When you utilize our wellness platform, you gain access to our on-site wellness workshops featuring Sutter Health experts. Our one-hour workshops offer a great way for employees to learn at work. Popular topics include nutrition, sleep, allergies and more. Your account representative will work with you to tailor fit a workshop to meet your workforce needs.

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