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    Health and Wellness Education

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    With thousands of health experts available, we produce interactive livestreams each quarter on a variety of topics.

    Watch our past livestreams on various health and wellness topics featuring Sutter Health experts.

    Health e-Tips

    Employees receive periodic emails with interesting, evidence-based tips for managing common health issues. Visit the e-Tips page for links to current and archived health tips.

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    Digital Campaigns

    Employees can sign up to explore a topic -- such as weight loss, sleep, heart health and others -- over the course of several weeks. Campaigns link to our online health and wellness resources with more in-depth information.

    Upcoming Digital Campaigns

    Diabetes Management (Receive your first email on July 9, 2018)

    Taking charge of diabetes means managing your diet and exercising. This four-week series will provide you information and inspire you to make healthy lifestyle changes.

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    Stress (Receive your first email on October 1, 2018)

    You're about to embark on a journey into the world of stress - what is it, how it hurts you, and how to get rid of it. By the time you’re through this six-week program, you’ll have plenty of practical tools you can use to manage stress every day.

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    Online Health and Wellness Library

    Learning is a key to improving workforce health. While most of us know that a healthy diet and regular exercise are important, information on preventing illnesses is constantly emerging. And all of us benefit from new ideas and reminders that help us stay on track.

    Visit the Health and Wellness Resources page at to learn more.